As a water-based only screen printing studio we take pride in offering environmentally friendly inks where possible.  For fabric printing we use Permaset Aqua which offers the best results in terms of coverage, wash stability and soft feel. For paper printing we use Aqua Art inks which are unrivalled in professional quality of the finish and strength of colour. They are very versatile and can be used to match Pantone references and offer a wide range of possibilities with the use of overlays and transparencies.  Also available are metallic inks, florescent inks, glow in the dark ink .. All sorts of fun stuff! If you've got an idea get in touch and we'll do our best to make it happen. 


Fancy yourself as a budding DIY screen printer but can’t figure out a good way of making screens at home? Don’t worry, we’ve been there .. If you can provide the digital artwork and the screen we can take care of the rest. Price is down to size of image / screen, please email for details. 


Water based screen printing is a great method for printing onto pretty much any flat surface. Things we’ve printed in the past include: posters / art prints / t-shirts / apparel / tote bags / tea towels / business cards / invitations / record sleeves / wooden signs / cardboard boxes .. We love experimenting and keen to hear what kind of crazy ideas you’ve got in mind! 


With many years of experience we are able to take your digital artwork and prepare it in the best way possible for water based screen printing. This includes colour separation, trapping, threshold, half-tones etc. Basic art-working is included with every job, additional work can be done at an extra charge.